Cookies policy

1. What is a cookie?

Cookies are files that store and recover information on user’s navigation habits. The information obtained is related, for example, to the number of pages visited, language, place of access, number of new users, frequency repetition and duration of visits or the browser or computer used to visit the website or open the application.


2. What types of cookies are used by HEALTHTECH BIO ACTIVES in this website? 

The type of cookies that are used when browsing through the website are those detailed below:


According to the owner: 

According to the period of time they remain active: 

According to its purpose: 


Please find a list of the specific cookies used on the website:







2 years




1 minute




1 day



3. How to manage cookies?

Users have the option to allow, block or delete the cookies installed on their device on the cookie settings panel.

On the other hand, please note that disabling cookies may change the website’s behavior.

Please consult your device’s instructions and manuals for further information. If you block the use of cookies on your device, some services or features may not be available.

If you accept cookies from our website and later wish to delete the cookies that we have configured on your device, please consult your browser’s help menu for further instructions on the steps to follow.


4. Information on the identification of cookies:

Please find the identification of third parties using cookies on the website. You may access information on their own policies in this regard through the following links:


Google Analytics is governed by Google’s terms and conditions accessible at and Google’s privacy policy accessible at y


5. To which countries my data will be transferred?

[Se indicarán las transferencias internacionales, incluyendo la identificación de los terceros países e información sobre cómo acceder a la decisión de adecuación o a las garantías adecuadas o apropiadas, incluidas las normas corporativas vinculantes que permitan la transferencia. En ausencia de éstas, se debe informar al usuario del riesgo de realizar la trasferencia sin nivel de adecuación o de garantías apropiadas, si se pretende obtener su consentimiento explícito]. 


6. Cookie policy update

In the event of modification of the characteristics or usage purposes of the cookies installed on the website, you shall be informed about those changes in order to obtain your consent again.

For more information on the processing of your personal data, please read our Privacy Policy.