From citrus to you

The raw materials for Citrosa+ are a sustainable side from orange plantations. Citrosa+ is produced from baby citrus fruit, sourced from the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

These are the small oranges that grow on the tree after it blossoms. The vast majority fall on the ground by a natural process. This drop allows the remaining fruits to fully develop. HTBA collects the baby oranges from the ground, and dries them to use as the starting material for Citrosa+.

Why Citrosa+?

  1. HTBA’s proprietary formulation of Neohesperidin DC, a sweet flavonoid
  2. Approximately 1.100 times sweeter than sugar
  3. Does not have a caloric content
  4. An excellent safety profile
  5. Strong sweetness synergies with high intensity sweeteners
  6. Strong sweetness synergies with bulk sugars
  7. Acts as a flavor enhancer
  8. Acts as a taste masker
  9. HTBA has developed a patented formulation
  10. Keto friendly
  11. High quality
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